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Siberian musical performance / World Music

The Otyken is a Siberian aborigine’s music group. The marvelous combination of traditional musical instruments and modern arrangement will definitely amuse you! Our unique overtone singing, special vocals and the charming sounds of khomus will take you to the boreal forests of Taiga!

We sing our songs in Russian, Khakas and English. In our songs you can hear the great history of the Siberian aboriginal’s national crafts. Our musicians (Khakas, Tuvans, Chulyms, Yakuts) will tell you about their usual daily life: collecting herbs and pine cones, moving through wild taiga for hunting, apiary work, preparing gear for night fishing.

The Otyken has triumphed in different international festivals and has an enormous amount of funs in all over the world. The magical power of our music will heal your soul and your body as well, and it can even send you into a trance!




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group page

OTYKEN - Folk music of aborigines from siberia


  • 08.08.20 - Online - Festival "Music of the World"
  • 12.10.20 Tofalaria, Russia / National holiday
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To invite us to the event, contact our producer +7913 532 68 00 Andrey Medonos Email: andrei.medocheck@yandex.ru

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producer +7 913 532 68 00 Andrey Medonos (Siberia)
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