OTYKEN is a project of Andrey Medonos, producer and director of the Ethnographic Museum in Krasnoyarsk. Оtyken is a Siberian indigenous music group. The marvelous combination of traditional musical instruments and modern arrangement will definitely entertain you! Our mystical throat singing, special elemental vocals, enchanting sounds of vargan (jaw harp), khomys, morinhur, leather drums will take you to the wild thickets of the Siberian taiga.

We sing our songs in Khakass, Chulyms, Dolgans and Russian (sometimes). In our songs you can hear the great history of the Siberian indigenous national crafts. Our musicians (Chulyms peoples) will tell you about their usual daily life: collecting herbs and pine cones, moving through wild taiga for hunting, apiary work, preparing gear for night fishing.

According to one version, the Chulyms are the ancestors of the Japanese Ainu and the indigenous peoples of North America. According to another version, the Chulyms are an ancient Turkic tribe. The Chulyms live along the Chulym River in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In addition to the Chulyms, the OTYKEN musical group includes (previously included) such peoples as the Kets, Selkups, Tuvans, Khakass and Dolgans.

The Otyken has triumphed in different international festivals and has an enormous amount of fans in all over the world. The magical power of our music will heal your soul and your body as well, and it can even send you into a trance!


Otyken Is the Indigenous Siberian Band With Powerful Style - BY CHRISTIAN ALLAIRE, April 3, 2024

Otyken & Xzibit - Belief (Xzibit Remix) MV

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July 1

Performance at the “VIII International Sports Games “Children of Asia” 2024”, Komsomolskaya Square. Duration 60 minutes.




July 6

Performance at the festival of national hospitality "Friendship of Peoples", VDNKh, exhibition Russia. Duration 90 minutes.




July 20

Performance at the Ethno-Modern festival “Karakuz”. Duration 90 minutes.




July 26

Performance at the festival of young multinational art "Tavrida.ART".




August 18

Speech at the festival "Spiritual Unity of Russia - Message to the World"


Андрей Медонос

Booking OTYKEN

+7 913 532 68 00 (WhatsApp, Telegram) otyken@amedonos.ru
Producer: Andrey Medonos (Chernetsov) - composer, songwriter, stylist, designer, professor of ethnography, director of the Museum of Honey and Ethnography (Krasnoyarsk), Honored Member of the Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hereditary beekeeper, nutritionist (GOU VPO Krasnoyarsk State Medical University)

OTYKEN create a large-scale, live show with ethnic music in a modern, electronic arrangement for large dance floors, stadiums and festivals.

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Kukakacha Story e-book (FB2, PDF)

A mythological work of fiction that reveals the personality of Kykakacha.

Our music is a breath of freshness among the stone jungle of the city, go to ↓

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OTYKEN Spotlight Indigenous Siberian Traditional Music

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Chulyms are the lords of honey and great beekeeping masters. Their method of extracting honey has not changed from ancient times to the present days. Here you can buy wild honey from Siberia. As our wild honey is not contacted with any kinds of metal and plastic, it keeps its original energy. We use strong sealed packaging (glass, wood) and carefully pack the parcels. You will receive the products safe and sound. Watch the video with subtitles of girls extracting honey.  The profit is directed to the development of the OTYKEN group and other folk projects.

HIT 2024

Wild honey in a cedar barrel + photo frame with autograph OTYKEN

$ 100


  • A6 photo frame on magnets made of acrylic glass with a stand and a photo of the group with the autograph of each participant.
  • 1 kg of natural wild bee honey in a cedar barrel, contains wax, propolis, beebread, cedar resin.
  • Canvas bag with OTYKEN logo
  • Cedar spoon for eating honey
  • Taiga tea of ​​your choice as a gift!


Wild honey in a cedar barrel

$ 60

1 kg of natural wild honey contains wax, propolis, perga, cedar resin. Comes with a gift bag with the OTYKEN logo and a cedar spoon. Store in a dry place indefinitely.

Wild honey in a glass jar

$ 40

1 kg natural wild honey from the hollow. Wild honey contains wax, pollen, propolis. Store in a dry place for 2 years. This is a hexagonal durable glass jar that won’t break on the road.

Wild comb honey in a cedar box

$ 60

1 kg of natural wild honey in combs. Honey is packed in a cedar box with a lid. Contains wax, perga, propolis, cedar resin. Store in a dry place indefinitely.

Siberian food set

$ 40

Wild honey 260 gr, angelica honey 260 gr, pine cone jam 420 gr, wild berry sweets 250 gr, taiga tea 70 gr, fir essential oil 100 gr (with dispenser), cedar spoon. Delicious, healthy, fragrant set.


Khara-Taiga tea

$ 5

Ingredients: Ivan tea (whole-leaved fireweed), fermented fir needles. It has a delicate scent of pine needles. 1 pack – 100 gr.

Togyston tea

$ 5

Ingredients: Kuril tea, eyebright. Soothing, relaxing tea rich in vitamin C, P-active substances and essential oils. 1 pack – 100 gr.

Irben tea

$ 5

Ingredients: lingonberry, blueberries, thyme, currant leaves, sagan-daily. Excellent tonic, slows down the aging of the body. 1 pack – 100 gr.

Khan tea

$ 5

Ingredients: intracellular extract from fireweed leaf, dry cream, iodized salt. Instant tea of ​​the Turkic peoples. 1 pack – 100 gr.


T-shirt OTYKEN unisex, base

$ 40

Black Cotton T-shirt. EU size S-XXL. The bird is a pteradactyl. Otyken is a sacred place. Production time 1 week.

USB flash with PHENOMENON album

$ 10

The volume is 512 mb. MP3 format. Album PHENOMENON 12 songs + SMOKE, KHAN BLUES, BELIEF, CHUKOTKA, ALTAY. Made in China.

Baseball cap OTYKEN №1

$ 40

Black baseball cap with a flat peak. Quality handmade. Production time 1 month. Regulator – plastic rivet.

Baseball cap OTYKEN №2

$ 40

Black baseball cap with peaked peak. Quality handmade. Production time 1 month. Regulator – metal buckle.


$ 2,000

Individual tailoring of overalls for men and women according to your sizes, handmade. Pattern color to choose from. Material: membrane fabric. For alpine skis and snowboards, with suspenders. Production time – 1 month.

Tambourine OTYKEN

$ 800

Tambourine with the OTYKEN logo made of genuine leather, with a drumstick included and an autograph of each band member on the inside. Handmade. Production time – 1 month. We will take into account your wishes!

$ 1,000

Soft, stylish carpet made of acrylic fabric with the OTYKEN logo. Round shape, diameter 125 cm. Ideal for any interior. This carpet will lift your spirits every morning! High quality handmade. Production time – 1 month.


$ 1,000

Individual tailoring for men and women according to your size, handmade. Choice of pattern color. Unique ethnic ornament. Material: 100% Cotton. Production time – 1 month. We will take into account your wishes!

Paintings by Hakaida

Hakaida is inspired by the rich oriental culture, both her own and other peoples of Siberia and the Far East. In addition to skillful, virtuoso playing leather drums, she is fond of artistic images and the search of meaning in the synthesis of man and nature. The paintings are made of propolis canvases from bee hives. Acrylic paint is mixed with pollen. Only natural materials were used.

Propolis painting "Girl on the Moon" by Hakaida

$ 200

Fantasy, future or illusion? Everyone will see their own. Author: OTYKEN drummer Hakaida. Date: 01/18/2024. Title: “Girl on the Moon.” Frame included 52×52 cm.

Propolis painting "Clarity" by Hakaida

$ 200

There is clarity, it’s time to act. Insight as a natural phenomenon. Author: Author: OTYKEN drummer Hakaida. Date: 01/16/2024. Name: “Clarity”. Frame included 52×52 cm.

$ 200

Searching for your place in the world, searching for yourself or searching for lost time. Author: OTYKEN drummer Hakaida; Date: 02/14/2024; Name: Searches; Frame included 52×42 cm.

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